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Doom Patrol Is Dead, Long Live Doom Patrol.


2 responses to “Doom Patrol Is Dead, Long Live Doom Patrol.”

  1. I’m the same way with long-form series. I scarcely start when they launch. In addition to your points, there’s always the probability that they’ll jump the proverbial shark at some point and just go off the fuckin’ rails. Doom Patrol was two or three seasons in when I discovered it. I was enthralled. I couldn’t stop watching. It quickly became my favorite thing. I was excited when I saw season four was coming and crushed when they announced it would be the final season. At least it never got the chance to go too far off the rails.

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    • Absolutely, it’s always a good thing when a show gets to end before it runs out of steam but also a disappointment when it doesn’t end on it’s own terms. I guess that’s why it’s so rare that we get those big shows that are amazing all the way through and stand the test of time as they are able to tell their story without going stale and have the conclusion they intended. While I doubt we’ll get anything mind blowing with a 5 or so episode wrap up I’m sure it’ll be creative and fun, I’m just using it as an excuse to have a series rewatch so there’s always a silver lining 😬

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