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Welcome to My Blog.

Hi, I’m Jason, Iv’e been blogging pretty regularly for the past few years over on Instagram but thought i’d try things a little more advanced and branch out.

As is painfully obvious due to the current state of my page i’m very much a WordPress noob so if you’ll bear with me i hope to grasp the fundamentals of the platform and build a small community of like-minded folks to enjoy the medium of film with.

I’m a huge fan of film, television and gaming and am a big collector of physical media including the Laserdisc format so i’d eventually like to do some posts related to those hobbies also.

So that’s all there is to know and hopefully over time my blog resembles something less like a childs scribbles and iv’e found my footing, so thanks for reading and i look forward to dipping my toe into the murky waters of WordPress… how the hell do i post this 😐